In June 2017 in the city of Nijmegen (The Netherlands) there will be organized the (7th?) International Cargo Bike Festival ( This Festival takes place a few days before the bi-anual event of Velo City Conference, which is of interest of all people with their hearts set on cycling... Velo City is organized also in Nijmegen and the neighbor city Arnhem.

I have been offered the possibility to organize a meet-up for owners and drivers of pedicabs in Europe. I have done this before for Dutch companies. The idea is to share your knowledge with others, and enjoy the companionship of fellow cyclist of pedicabs.
Before launching such an event I want to make an inventory of operative companies in Europe (first of all). Later on I am planning to send them an inquiry with some questions around this subject. So to all of you whom are reading this post, If you are interested on beforehand, let me know by sending me your data (please by e-mail )... If not, you may also sent me an email

By means of surfing on the Internet I have already encountered several companies in Europe, in this surfing I met this forum and joined it.