Hi all

Firstly thanks very much for all the info on here which has been really useful to me in researching the industry.

I might be stupid given some of the stories from established UK businesses on here, but I am still passionate about pedal power and believe there ARE locations in England, outside London, where a successful business can be run. I'd appreciate help from you experts on the following which might help me shortcut my current research! I do not want to drive the pedicabs myself, I want to employ a team to service certain locations.

- I know I would be limited to pre-booked work. What constitutes 'pre-booked' - if there was a website could you book a pedicab in 5 minutes time (assuming you were near them) is this acceptable?

- What is the licensing situation on private roads? If pedicab never went on public roads would a licence still be required? Guess this may be council specific. Any experience getting pre-booked licence, any advice etc.

- I know I need public liability and Park insurance is main insurer. This is for the operator to sort and cover the 'fleet'. Any cost indications?

- Any advice on employment of riders (rather than them being self employed oeprators)

- CFC level 3 - any recommendations/advice on training people.

- Pedicabs - you seem to favour Ecotaxi and Maximus. I need space for branding and easy transportation. For use on relatively flat areas.

- last one...will anyone give me photography to use on website?! I would credit image.

Any help would be appreciated.

All the best - Karen