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Thread: 10 pedicabs (rickshaws) being sold from Berlin

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    Default 10 pedicabs (rickshaws) being sold from Berlin

    We are offering ten of our BikeTaxis type "Berlin"

    (One of our media partners decided to switch models for his ads)

    "Model Berlin"//
    Weight: approx. 100 kg, with motor and batteries approx. 125 kg
    Engine: 6 vehicles with engine, Brand: ASC engines (spiked 1,500W), brushless, very good control parts, programmable up to 30A
    Batteries: 24 V lead gel (pack consisting of 2x12V) xould be upgraded if required.
    Raincovers: additional rain protection on the side

    Length: 290 cm
    Width: 110 cm
    Height: 207 cm

    Payload (guests): 180 kg

    Number: 10 vehicles, 6 of them with engines, 4 of them without engine (upgrade possible)

    Optical: good, current advertising film must be removed
    Functional: very good, regular maintenance by experienced mechanics in recent years. Before the sale we could change the usal wear-parts
    Previous use: daily use from April to October by changing drivers in the inner city of Berlin, last time in 10/2016
    Regular maintenance and upgrading of certain parts. The engines and accumulators of 6 vehicles from 3/2016

    10 pcs (with engines): 36,000 EUR
    5 pcs (with engines): 19.750 EUR
    4 pcs (with engines): 16,000 EUR
    2 pcs (with engines): 8,500 EUR
    1 pcs (with engine): 4.500 EUR
    4 pcs (without engine): 12,000 EUR
    2 pcs (without motor): 6.500 EUR
    1 pcs (without engine): 3.500 EUR
    (we only sell to registered companies with a valid VAT number)

    The Bikes are being sold off our Berlin lot. We could help you arrange delivery if needed.

    Feel free to contact me via Email
    or by phone/WhatsApp
    +49 162 7355832
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    Some of those bikes don't have a top tube!

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    none of them have. Thats a quality weld right there : )

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