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Thread: Main Street pedicab stolen - parts are urgently needed, please, help

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    Exclamation Main Street pedicab stolen - parts are urgently needed, please, help


    My geniune Main Street Broadway (1st gen.) pedicab was stolen last November in Budapest. I could recover the cab and the frame, and have bought most of the missing parts again by now.
    However, I cannot get two back wheels (heavy-duty, 26", 48 spokes), a canopy, and a back hub for the wheels.
    I have paid about 1,5x the original price of the pedicab until now, so I am low on money. I only have this cab in my business, and I used to drive it alone, so this does not belong to a fleet.

    Please, if anyone can help me with the two wheels mentioned above with hubs (and maybe a canopy), and can sell it to me on a pretty low price (with shipping to Hungary), let me know.
    I only have about $80 and a new wheel at Main Street cost $125/piece, without shipping & handling fee.

    I used to rent rickshaws for 6 years in Budapest, and this cab was my dream come true, until they nicked it.
    I am aware of the guy, who stole it, and the police knows about it, yet they don't seem to do anything in the case.
    (The only thing they did, is that they impounded the remains of my pedicab, once I found out about the guy and his garage - that way I could get them back.)

    Pictures above: before/after, this is how the pedicab looked last summer, when I bought it, and how it looks now, after getting back.

    Thank you many times in advance.



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    Hi Gabor,

    That sounds terrible. I am glad I have business insurance. I don't understand though, if you got it back from the police (who impounded it), then they must have given you a 'crime number' as they had grounds for seizing it, no? Why don't you just ask the police to prosecute the person that they seized it from.

    Tell the police you want to claim your money back through the court system. Why don't you speak to a lawyer and tell them your case. Tell them you want to claim the damages to the pedicab, and lost earnings as a result of the not having the bike running. The court will claim back your settlement from the thief. Am I missing something here Gabor? Does Hungary not have a criminal justice system? If the police gave you your bike back, then you will certainly win your case.

    Mainstreet have the parts you need made in China. Have you seen this company they make a Chinese copy of your bike and will make the hubs and wheels for about $3USD, like seriously. I think the Mainstreet pedicab axle diameter is a different size to the Chinese copy, but they have lots of other trikes in their designs, i'm sure they will have something in your axle diameter, just ask them to make you some - your axle drives the wheel with a key-way right? When I was in NZ, I built 2 cabs and we used motorbike wheels. We had a key-way cut at a metal shop, like this below, and used bolts to drive into the spaces on the hub of the motorbike wheel -you could very cheaply do the same, you just need to find some motorbike wheels with your size axle, if you don't have a criminal justice system, please tell me you have scrap yards!

    But seriously Gabor a hub is a very easy part to make on a lathe. You need to go to a CNC shop or metal shop and show them what you want. A good machinist will be able to make you a hub in about 25 minutes.
    keyway CNC.png
    If you haven't got any money, your gonna need to grow some brains! I spent 10 years travelling around the planet by bicycle - I left with about 80USD. Nothing worth having comes easy my friend.

    I hope you live up to your name!

    Wishing you better luck with your future business. Maybe a padlock too.
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