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    What can you tell me about Copenhagen ?
    I see on the internet many operators , I checked that easy to make license ,not necessary driving license, one of the best place for pedicab in the words, rich country, many bike-way and no bad weather . I was talking about with one driver and he said that there is best.
    but how long season? what mounts are best?So maybe do you know more?

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    I remember years ago, a guy had 10 cycles maximus's for sale in Copenhagen, they were black, I really wanted to buy them but I was in NZ - his business obviously failed, or his wife accused him of being bikesexual - it was hard to say from the photos. I imagine it would be quite a seasonal business in Denmark; the winter would be quite cold-right? It can be quite chilly around your outer Hebrides if you don't dress for the occasion. Do the Danes drink a lot and vomit it all back up outside kebab dispensaries on Friday and Saturday nights? Do you have cruise ships that strand silver-haired folk at a distant terminus from the city? Are the pubs, clubs and stadiums festooned with Shania Twain impersonators every night of the week? Take heed, for these are the precursors of a prosperous business plan. You're not going to make any money offering tourists rides around the city.

    Please search for the senior member Hev on this forum and maybe send him a PM - he operated in Denmark at the Rosklide festival in 2007.

    I can remember driving up to Sweden in a van with my mate and 2 pedicabs, and being robbed at a gas station in Denmark, I remember I had to pay the equivalent of £28 for a roll of duct tape, a sandwich and a drink, I remember the kid serving me looked as if he were over familiar with the workings of a bong, and he politely informed me that Norway was even more expensive for duct tape and sandwiches, and so I was glad we stopped in Sweden.

    Why not go and ride for one of the other pedicab companies already operating there before you commit to the business? You will need some awesome bike mechanic skills and a foolhardy tenacity; you will also need to master a lot of business skills along the way. Otherwise it's just, 'i've got the what!'

    Good luck and welcome to the forum, feel free to post some photos or ask for some pedicab advice.

    Tikki Tikki
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