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Thread: Transfer hub urgently needed

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    Default Transfer hub urgently needed

    Anyone know of a good uk provider for a chain transfer hub? Based in UK

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monkeyjason View Post
    Anyone know of a good uk provider for a chain transfer hub? Based in UK
    Hi MonkeyJason,

    What kind of bike do you have?

    Do you want the 'sprocket side' of the transfer hub to be a freewheel or do you mind if the rear chain constantly turns? If it constantly turns, you will need to run a pipe to hold the chain in place or a good chain tensioner.

    The latter is easier as every bike shop in the world sells them - its just a rear bicycle hub with a brake disc attachment, however you need a CNC'd circle of metal with 6 holes in to attach it.

    Maxpro Ecotaxi have fast shipping of the part from Poland see here!/...3&ctid=6&tp=pv

    This would attach to an 18T sprocket and on to this hub - they are £26 on chain reaction cycles


    If you need the former than mainstreet could help with this part but it is USA shipping, pricey and only 7 speed. Cycles maximus might be able to help you out, they are in the UK and you can email them at

    Good luck with your mission

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