Evening everyone!
Further to my post Here, I'm a former pedicab rider seeking to return to the industry primarily for self improvement and overcoming of personal circumstances, as well as self-support and finding a full-time job.

Previous experience under Bugbugs 2002-03 as a Stage Carriage operator, tend to prefer heavier pedicabs (Such as the early 2000 Velocabs Bugbugs offered at the time), and hold both a full B/B1 PLG car licence (DVLA) and NCP level II (Bugbugs). No convictions spent or otherwise. Heavy emphesis on safe conduct at expense of all other considerations. Good working knowlege of Central and East London including all major rail termini, as well as A30/A4 via Hownslow and routes to/around LHR. Good working knowlege of central Hamburg (Mitte, Altona), cities in Nordrein-Westfalen, central/southern Marseille, and Paris (Centre ville). Good competence in informal German, rudimentary French, few words of Spanish, Norwegen and Welsh.

Primarily looking for work under similar model to that experienced with Bugbugs in the past in/around Central London, or more outlying boroughs if commuting options permit and guarantees can be granted to ensure all necessary outgoings (Living expenses, taxes, transport) are covered under all eventualities (ZRG: Zero-risk guarantee).
Would also consider ZRG-backed work in Guildford, Reading and Rushmoor areas (Subject to appropriate Public Carriage licensing), and also Hamburg (Excluding Harburg/Neugraben), Dortmund, Essen, Düsseldorf, Berlin, Wuppertal, Paris and Marseille, subject to satisfaction of German/French regulatory considerations and guaranteed permanent freedom of movement between EU and UK post Brexit.

If anybody is interested or know somebody who is, please reply here. Note that initial contact will be made via this forum for personal and security considerations.

Many thanks in advance for your time!
+++ DieselDragon +++