Hi everyone. I've got two of the new Lynch motor traction drive Cycles Maximus for sale. They are about 12 months old but have received minimal use. I haven't really used them as intended due to an injury and other areas of our business requiring more time and attention than expected. They were the first two of the new generation Maximus cycles in the southern hemisphere, I've since fitted them with a lithium battery system. I've operated a lot of pedicabs over the years with bases in three different states and I've never owned anything like these bikes, they really are something special. The Lynch motor gives amazing climbing even with full loads and the bike itself is a real thing of beauty. I also have two custom flat bed frames that I intended to build a coffee back and an ice cream back on but never got around to it. I'm selling for about 80% of the new price (including lighting kits, batteries, flatbeds etc), so £6750 each. If you're interested let me know.