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Thread: Three NYC city councilmembers propose banning pedicabs in midtown

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    Exclamation Three NYC city councilmembers propose banning pedicabs in midtown

    I was just forwarded this proposed legislation by a street artist activist friend, who keeps close tabs on city government.

    This is a draft bill, getting ready for presentation to the full council, one wonders. I don't know where it stands or whether it's on calendar, but FYI. I'm disgusted as Councilmember Gerson sent someone from his staff to one of our owners' association meetings, and we bent over backwards to be helpful and informative. After all we have done for New Yorkers, giving them this environmental gift borne of our toil, this would be proposed. I am thoroughly disgusted.

    City Councilmembers introducing this draft legislation:

    Alan Gerson - SoHo district
    Cynthia Quinn - West Village distict 3
    Gale Brewer - midtown district 6

    Pedicabbers who love pedicabs in midtown, we might have to raise money to hire a PR firm who can effectively help us lobby a counter-argument, one based on several factors such as air quality, congestion mitigation, tourism, alternatives, personable transportation, etc., etc. Pls. visit and email us your comments.
    -peter m.

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    Subject: Gerson wants to ban pedicabs

    SoHo Councilmember (and SoHo Alliance flunkie extrodinaire) Alan Gerson wants to protect us from the pedicab menace!

    Int. No. 740

    By Council Members Quinn, Gerson and Brewer


    A Local Law to amend the administrative code of the city of New York, in relation to pedicabs.


    Be it enacted by the Council as follows:

    Section 1. Legislative Findings and Intent. Due to the large population and heavy commerce of New York City, the public streets are congested with countless vehicles used for transporting people and goods. Recently, the City has seen a significant growth in the number of pedicabs operating in the City. Due to their high maneuverability and unique character, pedicabs are an attractive transportation alternative for City tourists and residents. However, due to the quantity of pedestrian and vehicular traffic within the city, the addition of pedicabs may create hazardous conditions in high traffic areas of the city.

    This local law would restrict pedicabs from operating within midtown Manhattan. The Council therefore finds this local law is necessary in the interests of public safety and welfare.

    § 2. Chapter 1 of Title 19 of the administrative code of the city of New York is amended by the addition of a new subchapter 19-32.1, to read as follows:

    § 19-32.1 Restrictions on the operation of pedicabs.

    a. Whenever used in this section, the term "Pedicab"

    shall mean any wheeled carriage or vehicle, propelled by human power, designed to seat and carry one or more passengers and operating for hire within the city of New York.

    b. It shall be unlawful to operate or permit another to operate a pedicab within the borough of Manhattan in the area bounded on the east by Second avenue, on the south by Thirtieth street, on the west by Ninth avenue and Columbus avenue and on the north by Sixty-fifth street.

    c. Any person who violates this section shall be liable for a fine of not less than $250 nor more than $1000 and a civil penalty of $250, for each violation.

    d. Where any person has been found to have committed two violations of this section within sixty days, the pedicab operated by such person may be subject to seizure and impoundment upon issuance of a third or subsequent violation within sixty days of the most recent violation.

    Such seizure and impoundment shall continue until all applicable penalties and storage fees have been satisfied, or bond has been posted pursuant to the rules promulgated hereunder.

    § 3. This local law shall take effect one hundred twenty days after it shall have been enacted into law; except that the commissioner of transportation may take any actions necessary prior to such effective date for the implementation of this local law including, but not limited to, promulgating rules.

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    Default when is this leglislation going to be voted

    Wonder why these council members want to rule us now,when we have been going,without id,and nobday checks till recent.This wek,cops took away somepedicabs by hilton hotel,

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    I've been embroiled in the sordid details of the Big Apple's pedicab quagmire all afternoon. Now, don't steal my idea, but I wonder if the following could rescue the poor pedicabbie from Gotham City council's wrath: Put pedals in the back. Make the fare work for their ride, and don't call it livery, but "Mobile Cardiovascular Training." A ref I found today on the net (which I don't know how to hotlink, duh...)cited a free U of O late night escort service where they take you home on the back of a tandem. OK. for Oregonians taking back the night, it's a freebie. But what self-respecting New Yorker wouln't try to make a buck in the deal?...

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