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Thread: Oldie but newbie seeks info on insurance

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    Default Oldie but newbie seeks info on insurance

    I'm an old timer by most standards, 58, and am seriously considering starting a small pedicab operation in a small Midwest tourist location. Can somebody advise me concerning insurance? I want to do this right but I do not know where to turn to get insurance. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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    As another small and old pedicab operator, I would suggest going to an independant insurance agent and explaining what you want to do. There are only a small amount of national (usa) insurance policies out there, and they are best for fleets. My rate in Wisconsin is lower than almost any big city operation. Believe you can find insurance, and you will

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    Default Insurance

    I guess that Gike is right. I added yesterday 2 more companies to the directory. Check them. More information about insurance a welcome!!!


    Our company site:

    Other web sites:

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