27th of February 2006
Pedi Cab Crackdown?

Tomorrow, the City Council will be discussing regulating the pedi cab industry, which makes Gothamist realize we didn't know they weren't regulated - could we have been driving our own pedi cabs around Midtown all this time? Now that there are 300-400 pedi cabs in town, lawmakers want to make sure that drivers are pedaling safely. However, the city does like pedi cabs because they
"don't draw howls from animal rights groups as do the more prevalent horse-drawn carriages," as an LA Times (!!) writer for AM New York reports. Regulation would bring training and licenses, as well as capped fares, which would interesting - apparently some pedicab drivers can make bank ($2000 during peak weeks!) while others can charge through the nose to gouge tourists. Pedicabs were quite popular during the transit strike - even in spite of the higher prices. Apparently the rule of thumb is $1 per block - keep that in mind, anyone can't find a cab apres theater and needs to get somewhere else.

Will those wild and crazy PartyBikers be under regulation as well?

Photograph from ianqui on Flickr