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Thread: China Vehicle company - need advice

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    Smile China Vehicle company - need advice

    I am looking for a pedicab to buy. I found an electric assist one at China Vehicle for $550. Does anyone know anything about this pedicab or this company? I am just trying to haul my kids 5 miles to and from school each day. Mostly flat with one steep gravel hill.

    Here's the link:

    Thank you!! Lauren

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    Default school run

    This is what my needs are too - I have hills, 2 children too young to make any meaningful effort on the pedals, and I am looking for ideas for power assist. The Eco-trike from India looks promising, (the trad India rickshaw owners really don't care about the design their poor labourers have to pedal) but Mr Bhatnagar says they didn't pursue the battery option - he thought LPG a better bet. That seems a great pity. I looked too for an under 1kW (e.g.) chainsaw engine, but the only one is the lovely Golden Eagle set up, but its a bit too expensive. Any Chinese solutions, other ideas?

    PS Is all this talk about power assist too much heresy here? How do we hill dwelling folk get our needs met?

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    Talking suggestions

    When it comes to a pedicab, I would buy a main street, because of its value and its ease of fixability. You most likely do not want to buy one from China or India, because of quality of parts. I know price is a concern. But, by the time you ship, get parts, figure out how to assemble the thing, you would have spent valuable time and money, which you could have had a Main street ready to go for the frustration you would experience with these models from overseas. Even though they have been making and rickshawing for some years, doesn't necessarily mean that their rickshaws are built well. It only means they can build them. I could build one too, but if you are carrying kids to school and concerned about them, but the main street. You won't regret it. You can find them used, but having a new trike is exhilerating in itself. Spend the money. Don't be cheap. You won't like yourself if you are.

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    Default rickshaw batteries in high volumes- lead acid or Lithium ion

    We plan to set up a high volume - 1-2 million units per year - electric assisted rickshaw manufacturing unit.

    Can you suggest which battery technology is more economical for such volumes on their lifetime cost / pax-km ?

    Chandra Vikash

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