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Thread: Police Crackdown in Denver

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    Exclamation Police Crackdown in Denver

    Denver Police have started checking all drivers for Pedal Cab Licenses, insurance, Business License, and doing a quick safety check of every pedicab. The officer I talked to said this is due to the issues in New York and other cities. I feel this is a good direction and will improve the quailty and professionalism of the industry in Denver. If you have what you need and your cab has what it needs, you are safe.

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    Default right on, greg

    i agree...we should all be intolerant of uninsured, unlicensed operators..they make the entire industry seem sleazy..

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    Cool Orlando Bike Cabs May Face Licensing

    Orlando, Florida may be considering licensing and regulating bike cabs; some of us are talking about associating in order to standardize service and save money on space, insurance and parts. I'm working to get bike cab representation in city, county and metro commissions and planning boards so as to avoid the passage of unreasonable ordinances.
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