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Thread: Hey, who's the new guy??

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    Default Hey, who's the new guy??

    Hello all,

    I am from Billings, MT and am new to all this rickshaw/pedicab stuff. Gassed up my truck the other day and nearly shat myself when it tipped the $100 mark, so it got me thinking of options for the people here. People in MT drive most everywhere, but in our down town area parking is a huge issue and there is some pedestian traffic. I know many people from my work that will actually get in their vehicle and drive about 10 blocks to go work out at the YMCA during lunch, then they have to deal with parking again when they get back. Others grab coffee,b-fast, lunches in our downtown area, so it go me wondering how a rickshaw would do here in our small town (Billings is only about 120,000, but expected to boom.)

    Since Billlings does not have the large populations of many of the cities that use the rickshaws, i only see the need for a few. I would love to buy one, and find a few "mountain biker" college kids to schedule as riders to keep the rickshaw moving during the busy hours in our downtown area. I would lease it to them for $2-3 per hour, and they would get all of their fees/tips. I would set up a stay-at-home mom friend with a cell phone to route calls to the rider(s) for pickups and packages and get a fee for the service for driving traffic to the rider. I would also sell the adversting for the pedicab.

    I get mixed feedback on people I talk to on how much traffic I will get in our area. Friends predict anywhere from 5 rides to 20 rides per day. I am hoping for the 20 rides. If the rider get 20 rides and averages $4 per ride, that is $80, $60 assuming they leased it from me for $20. Assuming this was 8 hours they put in to get just the 20 rides, that is still about $7.50 hour, not bad for a college kid around here trying to work around their schedule. Plus I get $20/day leasing 1 pedicab + traffic routing fees + advertsing. Nothing to retire on, but I can still work my job and increase my monthly cashflow a bit. (True this in not figuring in insurance costs and I would need to find a storage unit close to the college to store the rickshaw, still checking on that.)

    The issue i am dealing with is the price of the rickshaws, I see them anywhere from $2200-$3700. If the skeptics are right and i only can get 5 rides a day i would hate to drop $3000 on a pedicab and then stare at it in my garage. I want to buy a good quality pedicab though so the experience is good for passengers and the rider. I saw one on ebay for $200 and thought "junk", didn't want to go there.

    What I am looking for is a "favorish deal." I am looking for someone to lease ME a rickshaw for 1-2 months. I would pay for shipping both ways. This would allow me to find a few interested riders to test the market for me. I would let them use it lease free for the 1-2 month period since they would be new at this too, they could esablish the hotspots/times and get a feel if this is going to work or not. It would just be a way for me to try this by limiting my up front costs. if it doesn't work I will send it back. If I see potential, i would like to buy it (if it is for sale.)

    If anyone could help me out in any way, or with ideas on anything else I have talked about, let me know. I appreciate all feedback.


    Kenn Patterson
    Billings, MT

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    Default Low risk....

    Hi and welcome to this forum.

    Yes, this is what we are all looking for: Minimum risk, testing the market and if it works: Buying pedicabs

    I hope, that this forum and their user may help to lease a pedicab.

    Another idea could be that you ask directly the manufacturers - maybe they have some ideas.

    You could also buy a second hand pedicab...if it does not work: Sell it again....if you buy a good pedicab at a fair price you will always find a buyer. But you should buy a pedicab which is recognized by the pedicab operators - for example just to mention one of them. You can find more manufacturers here.

    How much would you loose if you would buy a second hand pedicab and sell it after 2 o 3 month....maybe the same as you would pay for leasing + shipping? It is just an idea

    Have in mind, that you may also sale the advertisment on the pedicab which could be also a nice extra income....

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