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Thread: Nyc: Lawless Bike-cabs Sparking Strife In The Streets

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    Default Nyc: Lawless Bike-cabs Sparking Strife In The Streets

    New York Post - New York,NY,USA
    October 10, 2006


    October 10, 2006 -- Uncontrolled and unregulated pedicab drivers have turned Midtown streets into the "Wild West," sparking a turf war between licensed cabbies and "pedicabbies" - and pitting pedal pushers against one another.

    But the city expects to bring some order to the industry by the new year.

    As things stand now:

    * Anyone can buy a pedicab for $5,000 or rent one for $200 a week and go into business.

    * The operator does not need a driver's license. There isn't even an age limit.

    * They can charge anything the traffic will bear.

    * Pedal pushers do not need any insurance - and a luckless passenger involved in a crash could be left out in the cold.

    Two bills to rein in the drivers have been submitted - one by Mayor Bloomberg and one by the council. The last of three hearings will be held in December, and officials hope a new law will be on the books by early next year.

    Meanwhile, independent operators and owners of pedicab fleets continue to trash each other - while licensed cabs complain pedicabs are stealing their business.

    Independent pedicab drivers accuse fleet owners of importing foreign pedalers - who flout traffic rules and give pedicabs a bad name. "It's like the Wild West out there. It's completely out of control," said Jordan Kinzler, who's been pedaling for two years.

    Gregg Zukowsi, of the New York City Pedicab Owners Association, agreed that there is "sort of a summer surge of drivers from all over the world."

    He agreed that some regulation is needed.

    "They are price gouging and taking advantage of tourists," fumed Michael Woloz, a spokesman for the Metropolitan Taxi Board of Trade.

    "There are no seat belts, you just sit in it. They should be banned from picking up street hails."

    Officials said that's unlikely to happen.

    "This is a big city and we have a lot of different interests. We don't want to say you can't pick up," said Transportation Commissioner Iris Weinshall.

    She expects operators will have to have valid driver's licenses and insurance in the range of $1 million.

    "Can you imagine if it tips over and cars and buses are swerving to avoid accidents?" Weinshall asked.


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    Sounds like Toronto in the good ole days

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    And speaking of owners and opperaters "trashing" each other, thats nothing new. As I posted above, Toronto in the good ole days. There once was a girl named Cindy who came here from America. She got a bit to flirty with this guy, to the point of being a cock tease to get some welding done. Well it came back to haunt her when she found her fleet of 10 jump rickshaws completely trashed. A week os so later and they had been kind of put back to geather but they were trashed again. Cindy left.

    VJ Rickshaws, the biggest rickshaw co. in North America back in the day had one of there garages burnt to the ground. Nothing left but 25 chard rickshaw frames!

    Just last month a zebra mussel encrusted rickshaw was pulled out of the lake and I am sure there is more.

    Cant we all just get along?

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    Cool Yea - pedicabs unit

    It's much easier to ruff ride an industry that fights within it self & the end result is that nobody has a business - as the old English empire & the Romans did ' divide & conquer' (a good RPG stratagem too )

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