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Thread: Happy Birthday Rickshawforum!!!!

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    Talking Happy Birthday Rickshawforum!!!!

    Wow...Rickshawforum is 2 years old....On the 15th of December 2004 I registered the domain, on the 16th of December I installed the forum software and the first posting was on the 17 th of December 2004. As I had today to pay for the domain and hosting renewal today, I remembered when and how we started....

    The idea was to give the pedicab community a platform - sharing ideas, discussing he daily work and giving the newbies a meeting point.

    Now this forum is not longer my forum, but YOUR forum! And I am happy that we have a lot of regular posters and much more "passive" readers".

    Actually we have 543 users - I cleanded up the database and deleted all user who haven't visited the forum the last 9 months. They may always re-register .

    One of our most active users is "tdayuk", Friedel Schroeder, a real pedicabber, working in London at BugBugs. I asked him last week if he would give me a hand managing the Rickshawforum. Believe it or is a lot of fun and very interesting, but sometimes also a lot of work - the spammers never stops....moving threads etc...Friedel (tdayuk) is now moderator of this forum and I would like to say "THANK YOU FRIEDEL". I am proud that Friedel has taken the responsabilty as a moderator. He is one of the most competent pedicabbers in Europe. Friedel knows how it is to driva a Maximus, a Main Street, a Velotaxi or a Velocab - he knows the street and he knows how to operate. He is Pedicab rider, member of LARD & LPOA, Pedicab design consultant & a pedicab mechanic. Tdayuk traveled a lot to meet other pedicabbers - in Europe and USA. All users may contact him or me if they have any questions regarding this forum.

    Let me say also thank you to all the nice users and readers who contacted me the last 2 years - some of them I met personally in Barcelona or I visited them. This is really a very nice aspect of this forum: Meeting pedicabbers, manufacturers, operators!

    To all passive readers: My grandfather always told me: "Gerald - there are no stupid questions. There are only stupid answers". He was a wise man. So feel free to post in this forum, register - and be part of our small community. We will try to give you no stupid answers

    Our community comes from all over the world. We have actually between
    6.000 and 10.000 unique visitors per month - most of them from USA & Europe. (Spiders as for example Yahoo and Google are excluded from this statistic)

    Now I will finishing my day and opening a bottle of wine and celebrating the Birthday of Rickshawforum. Feel free to do the same...and if you would like to give a little present to Rickshawforum: Just put a link anywhere at your website! Let other people know that this forum exists.

    Thanks to all for the great last two years and your contributions!

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    Thumbs up Let me say THANK YOU!

    Thank YOU Gerald for setting this forum up. It's thanx to you that I've had a chance to speak about what I know & learn each day. Thanx to this forum that I have meet so many cool people changing the world one day at a time.

    I am very happy to help more people get the pedicab 'bug' & will continue to try & help riders here & abroad find there way to this fantastic way to make a living.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY 'RICKSHAWFORUM' & fat wet kiss for you Gerald X

    PS regarding my CV - dito to you, as I know you too have made the rounds as pedicab operator, worker & fixer. I have already heared about the first class training you give for pedicab operators & with people like you sharing your knowledge, this industry will continue to grow. Keep doing what you do!!!!!

    I'll give ya a big hug on our first date & I do hope we won't just talk pedicab (ha,ha,ha) so get your best dancing shoes out this coming year as spain is on my holiday list.

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    Happy birthday pedicabforum and thanks to both Gerald and Freddie for a job well done! I will drown a few big Changs here in Chaing Mai in your honor

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