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Thread: How do I post my own forum?

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    Default How do I post my own forum?


    It was my hope that when I joined rickshaw forum that I would have the opportunity to speak with other pedicabbers on differant subjects. I don't ride a velocab, or trike bike, I much prefer a trailer type pedicab as they are easier to pull, are faster, and much more agile than a velo or trike, and are much more inexpensive than a trike or velo, for a starting newbie. Also, I love being able to use my own bike, no specific reason other than I am more comfortable with it.

    I would like to start a forum to share with others my love for the trailer type pedicabs, like the pedaltek (.com) type trailers. I don't see a forum for those operators that own these types of pedicabs and am curious to know the reasoning as to why there is'nt a forum on this type of pedicab?


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    First of all: Welcome to this forum.

    You may talk here also about trailers. No problem at all. Why we are not talking about trailers here? It is maybe because we have just few registered users driving a trailer bike....

    Ok: WHAT TO THE HELL IS A PEDICAB OR A RICKSHAW? Since years the industry is discussing this subject. Wikipedia says:

    A cycle rickshaw, also known as a pedicab, velotaxi, or trishaw, is a human-powered vehicle for hire, usually with one or two seats for carrying passengers in addition to the driver. Cycle rickshaws are widely used for transportation in many parts of Asia, where they have largely replaced less-efficient rickshaws that are pulled by a person on foot.
    The vehicle is powered by the driver as one would a bicycle, though some rare configurations also have an electric motor assisting the driver. The vehicle is usually a tricycle, though some quadricycles exist, and some bicycles with trailers are configured as rickshaws. The configuration of the driver's and passenger's seat varies, though in general only one configuration is common in any given region. For example, in South Asia, the passenger seat is mounted behind the driver's, while in Indonesia the driver sits behind the passenger seat. In the Philippines, the seats are usually mounted side-by-side.

    From my point of view we may talk about "Cycle Rickshaw" or whatever if the vehicle is:

    1. Human powered
    2. designed for carrying passengers
    3. It may have an electric motor (assisting)

    So: This forum is also your forum. There is no need to ride Velotaxi or Velocab or Maximus....

    Maybe you have seen it already: In the RICKSHAW DIRECTORY are also trailer operators / manufacturers included...if you know more: Tell me the web and after Xmas I will include them.

    I will be on holidays till don't be afraid if you don't get any feedback from me during the next 2 weeks....My family needs me :-)

    Feel home here.

    Merry Xmas.
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    Post Don't get me wrong

    Quote Originally Posted by sunblynd View Post
    I would like to start a forum to share with others my love for the trailer type pedicabs, like the pedaltek (.com) type trailers. I don't see a forum for those operators that own these types of pedicabs and am curious to know the reasoning as to why there is'nt a forum on this type of pedicab?
    Hi sunblynd

    don't get me wrong but this forum is for talking about pedicabing good&bad, so if you feel something about your form of people transporter, such as the pedaltek, then promot it but don't take it bad if some on the forum (yea,... like me ) arn't so hot with your make or model.

    I do think the trailer looks well made but I have worked & made quite a few myself & found that it still needs a lot of work to make this form more stable, safe & stoppable, ie. back brakes for the carrage, good carrage link.

    A set of Bicycle brakes are just not enough when you do have 3 passengers & the rider. After all the weight of the rider will not be enough tracktion to stop the cycle from being 'pushed' if you need to stop on the spot.

    Taking this on boad just means you get a chance to see what others think, after all most of us do wanto continue to work in this industry & what looks like a fast buck can mean no more business in the future if you have a bad crash. Sadly bad 'crash' stuff is used against us when we go to get 'legal' with the pedicabs, trailers, quads, trikes & tandems.

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    Default Safety is an issue

    Thanks tdayuk for your eloquent reply.

    Safety is the biggest issue facing the pedicab industry as a whole. Whenever legal concerns (law suits, regulations) have come up, safety is the primary concern cited. (At this moment, because of safety issues and at the request of a popular venue in Denver, I'm working on an agreement for pedicabs to operate on their property.)

    Although they have their good points, the biggest down side of trailer bikes is safety. If they want to be more accepted in the pedicab industry, owners and manufactures of trailer bikes MUST resolve the braking and connection problems. The design of one make of pedicabs can affect us all through insurance rates, regulations, negotiations with cities, etc.

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